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Grit (2019)

for piano, fixed media, live electronics, and sound diffusion






Dimitris Paganos Koukakis

November 2019

UC San Diego

pogram notes:
A multi-sensorial work, Grit is influenced primarily by the granular synthesis technique and utilizes its methodology to construct the various compositional dimensions; gestural character, phrasal momentum, form, fixed media, live signal processing, interactivity of instrument and electronics, spatialization. In addition, the work deals with the idea of duality and engages with two opposing environments to build an elaborate narrative; in one, the interaction between the several sound objects is organic, fluid, and smooth, while the other presents disjunct situations with abrupt interplay of contradictory musical units.
Collaborating closely with the pianist to whom the work was dedicated, Dimitrios Koukakis, we went through numerous recording sessions experimenting with the instrument to produce material. After a process of shortlisting the data, the selected samples were used to construct the fixed media component, following a series of processes of electronic manipulation. At times, the instrument’s signal is being processed in real-time and the output sources – including the fixed media – are spatialized within an octophonic speaker array. The mentality behind the movement comes to reinforce the notion of duality of the work, presenting both linear and dismantled trajectories.
The piece results in a wide, dense, and complex sonic environment, in which all entities mix and contrast, equally contributing to the outcome.

Note: The audio of this video is binaural. Use of headphones is recommended for optimal experience.

score excerpt:
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