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International ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week

                                                     An  Annual  Summer  Composition  Academy  in  Città  di  Castello,  Italy

Since 2016, Theocharis leads the artistic direction of the annual summer composition academy ilSUONO Contemporary Music Week,

an initiative that was founded in collaboration with Italian saxophonist Michele Bianchini and the ensemble Suono Giallo.

The mission of ilSUONO is to provide young emerging composers unique oppor­tunities for research, artistic challeng­e, and experimentation.

In the ideal environment of Città di Castel­lo, we created a setti­ng to encour­age and inspire. In this environment, a select pool of you­ng composers, spanni­ng over diverse cultures and aesthetic orient­ations, come together to collaborate cl­osely with highly skilled pr­ofessional instrumen­talists and renowned composers from prestigious academic institutions.­

Important figures of the composition field have been invited for residency at ilSUONO, such as

Chaya Czernowin, Rand Steiger, Edmund Campion, Clara Iannota, Franck Bedrossian,

Georgia Spiropoulos, Yan Maresz, Francesco Filidei, Nicolas Tzortzis, Simone Movio.

The 2020 edition of ilSUONO is proud to be funded by the Ernst von Siemens Music Foundation.


The founding princ­iples that govern this annual project are de­dication, passion, merit,

and the desire to explore the endless pote­ntial of the musical sphere.

Discover more about ilSUONO here:

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