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a 20-channel audio installation for pre-recorded flutes and electronics

Morphés I (2022)

Built by PrismaSonus, a collaborative endeavor with flutist Alexander Ishov




February 2, 2023

Audio Spatialization Lab

Qualcomm Institute, IDEAS Project

California Institute for Telecommunications & Information Technology (CalIT2)

excerpt (stereo rendition):

program notes:

Morphés for Flute and Electronics is a three-part electroacoustic collaboration between flutist Alexander Ishov and composer Theocharis Papatrechas presenting the inner sonic world of the flute. Morphés I, the first part of this electroacoustic collaboration, is a 30-minute fixed media audio installation diffused within a dome of 20 loudspeakers. 

The project explores how technology displaces listening perspective, allowing us to inhabit sonic landscapes we can only imagine. Over the course of the work, sounds captured using microphones placed inside the instruments materialize. While some sounds have been processed, all originate from the Piccolo, Concert, Alto, and Bass Flutes. The recording and processing techniques used highlight timbres and sonic nuances that are otherwise hidden to performers and listeners.

The project also investigates how spatialization morphs musical characters and the spaces they inhabit. By displacing listening perspective, our work plays with the perception of direction, timbre, and orientation, and challenges the traditional spatial arrangement between instrument, performer, and listener. 

more info:
Morphés I for 20 channels (excerpt)Prismasonus
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