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Reflections on Quadrat (2020)

for tape | an audio installation



Note: The audio of this video is binaural. Use headphones is recommended for optimal experience.

program notes:

Inspired by and made during the 2020 lockdown, the project is a reflection of one’s role and place within a society or community. It seeks to apply a malleable, yet dramaturgically compact, musical experience upon an iterative and purgatorial reality.


Accompanying Samuel Beckett's 'Quadrat', it recreates the play through the medium of sound. The audio component retracts, processes, and lays out samples from individual recording sessions with instrumentalists - friends and colleagues - taken place over the last few years.


Through the work, each distinct instrumental palette is assigned to one of the four walkers. The walkers become then sources of spatial movement. The listener follows the action being placed right at the center of the square facing the middle of the upper side.

The project will eventually be presented solely as an audio installation. In a dark room, a similar square is projected on the ground. In each of the four corners, a loudspeaker is placed facing the center. In another room, four instrumentalists are playing and their signals are processed and sent inside the area, following the spatialization trajectories of the play. The listeners are walking freely inside the square.

Dealing with the concept of sonic spaces, in Reflections on Quadrat, there are three spaces at play; the performance space, the performers’ space, and the virtual space materialized through the loudspeakers. Added to that, the virtual space goes through various stages of transformation during the course of the experience.


Alexander Ishov, flutes • Alexandria Smith, trumpets

Michele Bianchini, saxophones • Rebecca Lloyd-Jones, percussion

Patch Demo Video:

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